It is the start of a New Year and the time for considering how you can improve things in your life.  If you are a landlord, you might consider these questions:

Are you happy with the service you get from your current letting agent?

Do you think changing agents will upset your tenants?

Are you worried that there will be cancellation fees if you change agents?

Think again!

I believe in giving my landlords the very best service possible and if your letting agent is not providing that for you then you should be thinking about making an Easy Switch.

Just let your current agent know that you are switching agents and we will deal with everything else:

•    Email us letting us know that you wish to make an Easy Switch and we will provide all the information and paperwork that you need.
•    We can provide a handy template for an email or letter for you to send to your agent informing them that you are making an Easy Switch and transferring the future management to ourselves and asking them for all the relevant information such as tenant contact details, any service contracts and a note of any cancellation notice and fees, if required.
•    I will arrange for the keys and paperwork to be collected from the agent and for the transfer of the tenancy deposit via the Tenancy Deposit Scheme.
•    I will contact the tenants and inform them of the change of management.  I will explain how they can report any repairs or other tenancy issues and provide standing order mandates.
What happens after you make an Easy Switch?
•    I will arrange an inspection of the property within one month to ensure the tenant is looking after your property and adhering to the terms of their letting agreement.
•    I will provide a full report of my visit to you and make further inspections and send regular reports every six months.
•    I will evaluate the current rental and advise if I think it is correct or not.
•    If the tenant is agreeable I will negotiate a new fixed term and issue a new short assured tenancy agreement.
•    I will arrange for rent to be forwarded to you within three days of it clearing in our account.
•    I will provide prompt communication regarding any received maintenance issues, rent arrears etc.
•    I will continue to provide a complete professional service for you.

Contact me today to discuss making an Easy Switch or see the further details on our website here