I was asked by a landlord recently what my views were on allowing tenants to keep pets in rented accommodation. My answer? It depends…
If you say “definitely no pets allowed” then you will be drastically restricting your market. A gerbil or hamster in a cage is still a pet but unlikely to cause any damage, for example.

My general rule is to say ‘pets considered’. This covers you nicely but it does mean there is a judgement call to make. Providing one of the tenants is at home at least part time then I usually have no problem with a cat or dog as they will be supervised much of the time.

If an applicant has two or more animals, I might be inclined to visit them in their current home to see what state it is in and make the judgement accordingly.

I have to say that tenants with pets do tend to remain at a property longer, which is a definite plus. I insist that they agree to rectify any damage done to floors, carpets or skirting boards and, in the age of the mobile phone, it is easy enough to take photographs to ensure compliance. Any damage or cleaning required is usually deducted from the tenant’s deposit.

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