Insurance Policies

Charles Carter Letting work closely with Oncover Insurance (based in Cheltenham) to provide a service for Landlords and Tenants Insurance.

Oncover have been established over 15 years and can provide quick quotes with reputable insurers and importantly provide a great service.

Contact Oncover Insurance on 01242 674 117 or email enquiries@oncoverinsurance.co.uk

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Landlords do not insure your contents.
Do you need to protect your belongings from fire, flood and theft?

• Oncover Insurance specialises in offering specifically designed cover for tenants.
• We can quote for different types of tenants, including professionals and students.
• Cover for Money, Bicycles, Keys, Food in Freezers, Accidental Damage (all optional extra).

Types of cover


YES! Your landlord will probably have buildings insurance to cover the structure of the
property BUT to protect your possessions, you need contents insurance. Basic contents insurance provides
cover in the event of loss or damage to your possessions due to theft, fire or flood. You may also want to
pay for additional cover such as legal expenses or all risks for items you take outside e.g. laptops.


YES! Your landlord should insure their own possessions, but if you damage them you could
lose money from your deposit. Contents insurance can cover the value of your deposit, as well as your
own possessions.

House Share?

YES! If you are renting a room in a shared house, you may require specialist cover designed
for multiple occupancy or for those in shared accommodation. While some policies are based on the
number of rooms in your house, most policies require you to estimate the total value of your contents – the
“sum insured”. Be accurate, underestimate and you could be out of pocket if you make a claim.
You should consider protecting your own possessions – your landlord cannot cover them, even if the property
is fully furnished. Buy a contents insurance package that is designed for you.