My goodness but it has been chilly recently!

Apparently last year’s insurance claims for boiler faults from landlords showed an increase of over 5%. The sub-zero temperatures brought on by the Beast from the East are sure to see this rise again.

I am sure I do not need to tell you that calling out an emergency plumber can be extremely expensive. I have heard of call out fees in these wintery conditions that have been more than double the average call out rate.

So what steps can a landlord take to protect themselves from boiler breakdowns and leaks?

I have no hesitation on recommending a regular annual service of the boiler and heating system in all properties. As it stands, landlords have a legal requirement to obtain a safety certificate for all gas appliances each year. I would suggest that this is the ideal time to ask your engineer to service the boiler and give the heating system a thorough check.

A little extra expense in the short term could save a major financial headache in the long run.

If you need any further advice I am always happy to help – give me a call on 01684 292154.

And don’t forget to wrap up warm!