I heard recently about a landlord who had let a property to three students. He had reason to believe that a fourth person had moved in and wondered whether it would cause problems for him.

My most immediate concern would be that it could invalidate the landlord’s insurance policy. If the insurer has been told that there are three students in residence then that is what they expect. The fourth person might be claiming benefits, for instance, and that could create issues.

If it happened in one of my properties I would call on the tenants and have a friendly chat. If there is a fourth person living there then they will need to be referenced and credit checked and then added to the tenancy agreement. This is of benefit to the existing tenants of course in the event that the fourth person causes any damage to the property.

The landlord concerned clearly had an eye for the main chance and asked if he could increase the rent. In the interests of maintaining a good relationship with the tenants, I would suggest not.

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